Arts & Crafts

Art and craft refer to all those activities or hobbies that are comprised of making things with the hands and skills of a person. Art and craft is a complete category of hobbies that can be further divided into different handicrafts and the rest. Some of these crafts have been practiced for centuries and others are practiced using modern techniques.

Art and craft require special skills, patience, speed, and one’s interest but you can learn these skills from very basic level virtually from anyone. All products prepared by hands, simple tools or some complex tools but having artistic touch fall in art and craft category. Here you will find detailed information about art and craft category like what materials can be used to make these items, what techniques can be used and what are the benefits of art and craft skills.

What Materials can be used?

Most of the materials used in Arts and Crafts are inexpensive, safe to handle and are readily available like washable paints, glitters, school glue, feathers, cookie cutters, beads, construction paper, dough, cups, paper plates, pins, pipe-cleaners, yarn etc. Some of the materials used in Fine Arts include different types of oils, paints, clay, brushes, screen printing materials, computers etc.

What techniques are used in Art and Craft?

Art and craft techniques for basic level skills are different from most complicated ones. Simple directions are made to teach young children while most creative students are provided with complex techniques.

Most of the techniques of Fine Arts are based on imitating the methods used by expert craftspeople. These techniques are about using different tools, software, research methods, critical analysis or principles of designs. Some students master the techniques of professionals and they use to think creatively and express their thoughts in their crafts.

Benefits of Art and Craft

Both art and crafts are very beneficial. Art and craft introduce and let the students learn basic skills. These activities are carefully guided and students are provided with the opportunity to practice creative decorative arts and their interests for art is encouraged to further learn art and craft techniques. Fine arts is very beneficial for serious art students as they are encouraged to critically think about the world around them and help them understanding visual media and cultural art that eventually encourages home.

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