Any activity that will grasp people’s attention and interests is entertainment. The concept of entertaining activities is meant to give delight and pleasure to people as such activities help people forget their worries and enjoy their time. Entertainment can be a creative idea, task or activity that may be developed in a moment or long time to keep audience’s attention. People’s attention can be grasped by different activities as people have different preferences in entertainment. Most of the activities included in this category include storytelling, dramas, dancing, modeling and other sorts of entertaining performances. Some of these activities may be developed in a short time but some require a long time to be entertaining enough to attract audience’s attention. Entertainment can be adopted at different levels to entertain people with different preferences.

The concept of entertainment has been associated with amusement; one common idea is to make people laugh while other entertaining activities are performed for serious purposes. Purpose of advertisement will depend on the nature of the ceremony, celebration, some religious festival or satire etc.

The key aspect of the concept of entertainment is the audience. People have different preferences of being entertained. Entertainment can be public or private and can be formal, scripted performance, unscripted or spontaneous. Most entertaining activities have been in practice over many centuries while some have changed due to changes in culture, technology, and fashion. Films or videos are now developed using newer technology but their intent is the same; to tell stories, present some idea and play some music. Specific festivals devoted to music, film or dance are also organized to entertain the audience.

Different activities that were once very common entertaining activities have now been removed from the public entertainment arena. Some entertaining activities require special skills to amaze a bigger audience. Most of the entertaining activities are performed over different types of media and have the potential to involve beyond the limits potential for a creative remix.

A lot of people with different roles are performing their jobs in the field of entertainment. Some people are engaged in their own bands, some are known as celebrities, some offer their services to organize entertaining events, some have skills to write and develop films and movies and actors perform in these movies, singing and dancing is the widest field, radio, TV, tickets selling etc. More and more people are now showing their interest in joining media and use their talent to entertain the audience in different styles.

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