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Offers high quality, competitively priced painting and decorating services across London and Essex.

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  1. Jason Payne
    Jason Payne

    Very bad experience with this racist company. I dealt with Cam who I had commissioned to do some work on multiple properties for what would likely have been a very lucrative deal for his company – I run several development and am the director of two property management companies. But never in my life have I dealt with someone so bigoted and racist against foreigners in the UK. I asked him to attend one of my properties, and when he noticed one of the mobile numbers of my tenants was not British, he asked me why I have tenants with foreign phone numbers. I explained that my female tenant is Spanish and therefore has a Spanish mobile number, but he made it very clear that he does not work with foreigners and that foreigners are not welcome in this country. He even went as far as to call me late at night and say that we have had Brexit, and EU foreigners are “no longer welcome in our country.”

    I was appalled and shocked to say the least. Needless to say, I then blocked his number, and cancelled any possibility of him working in any of my properties. There is no need for this racism in our country!

    March 12, 2020 at 4:51 am Reply

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